Best Training Institute for Join Indian Army

Indian Army has been awarded by any organisations for the training they offer to their cadets. There are so many training institutes for the candidates. Let’s see the name of some of these. We will introduce the names of these Army training Institute from here.

  1. Army War College: Army War College is famous to train the cadets for the tactics and operational logistics. So basically it provides war training in the various concepts like doctrines and the operational. The old name of this Institute was as College of Combat, Mhow and after 1st January 2003 it was renamed as Army War College.
  2. Infantry School: –Infantry school is the oldest training school of Indian Armed Forces. It teaches tactical skills and the infantry in the various areas like terrain, planes or remote areas. It also provides shooting practice under the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) which is part of Infantry School.
  3. Junior Leaders Wing:The officers of Indian Army is trained for the special missions which let them carry out assigned operational missions. This is a part of Infantry school.
  4. Indian Military Academy: IMA or Indian Military Academy is located in Dehradun,Uttarakhand. The officers are trained here for the National security work. The alumni of IMA are seen completing so many important missions of Indian Army.
  5. Officers Training Academy: OTA trains the young cadets i.e. Men and women to get the right place in the service areas.
  6. High Altitude Warfare School: The HAWS gulmarg is a special training institute for the Indian Army personnel
  7. School of Artillery: School of artillery is situated in Nashik to provide training and evaluation in the various new equipment for the developments of the application of artillery fire.

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The list given is the best training institutes of Indian Army in India. May all of you are agreed for the same. Best of luck for your Army career and work for the interest of the Country. Jai Hind. VandeMataram

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